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Chrome Exteriors: Who Are We


Company Profile

We don’t measure success by counting the roofs we have installed or repaired.  We judge our achievements one roof at a time! By satisfying each customer who has trusted Chrome Exteriors to work on their residence or business.

Chrome Exteriors will always work in your best interest of our customers:

  • We will always be utilizing the best quality materials.  
  • We will always be utilizing state-of-the-art skills and equipment. 
  • We will always be utilizing comprehensive insurance programs. 
  • We will always be utilizing the most qualified & experienced craftsmen in the industry.

It is our objective to develop and preserve client relationships by providing you with exceptional service with an undeniable high-quality home improvement experience. We want Chrome Exteriors to be your roofing contractor of choice in Maryland. 

We are not going to be one of those companies that spends load of money on advertising… And charges the customers for it! 

We are going to be a company that spend time understanding our customer’s needs. We are going to be the service team that ensures high quality work (every time). We are hoping this earns credibility in our customers eyes… Leading to referral business opportunities!


The Strength of our Business is our People

Of all the components that will ensure Chrome Exteriors a long and successful history. We are confident that we have assembled the top-quality team members… each with exceptional skill levels, reliability and aspiration to do everything possible to please the customer! Our team members average more than 15 years of service in the home improvement business. This helps ensure that the product and service you get will be unmatched.  All the modern equipment is only as good as the people who run it.  That is why our reliable team of veteran, skilled team members bring an unrivaled level of expertise to every job.

To put the Icing on the Cake… We are a FAMILY Business & Minority owned Business!          

Please consider working with us!

Chrome Exteriors LLC

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Clarksburg, MD 20871


Home Improvement in Maryland

About Chrome Exteriors

We are a Maryland roofing company. Starting in 2020… We set out with the concept to be a leader in the roofing business by delivering high quality work and carrying a guarantee. By working with industry professionals and keeping all our exterior work to the ultimate standard. In the industry ownership is known to hover above the competition and at the top of our field. You only get one chance at a 1st Impression… We take this seriously! In fact, … Our goal is to meet or surpass the most rigorous expectations of property managers, homeowners, and our manufacturers. We understand everything about roofing, siding, gutters, windows, doors, and insulation so that we can resolve the general problems homeowners contend with because of wear or age. Because of this… it is not improbable that you will see Chrome Exteriors on a roof in your community! Trust Chrome Exteriors™ with all your commercial or residential roofing needs.


Our Mission:

At Chrome Exteriors™ we exist to deliver roof, siding, and exterior solutions for your commercial and residential requirements. Our team meets each task by providing exceptional customer service. We always work with dependability & honesty… in a timely manner that give our customers a peace of mind.



Home Improvement – Suburban Maryland Metro Areas

If your Home or Business needs a new Roof… We have a service catered for you: