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The Timeline of Service at Chrome Exteriors


Contact us: Schedule a convenient appointment time for our Qualified Sales Team to visit your property.


  1. Appointment: During this appointment our skilled sales team will identify your needs, pinpoint the scope of the project, and deliver a fair & truthful price.
  2. Project Begins: The Chrome Exteriors Production Department evaluates the signed paperwork and deposit, orders materials, and outlines the overall project.
  3. Scheduling: Chrome Exteriors will provide a schedule based on the project outline. All dates are ‘weather permitting’.
  4. Material delivery, loading and site prep: Our production manager will advise you when materials will be delivered. Project managers will present a site inspection and devise the plan for work if the project warrants it.
  5. Tear off and underlayment: After taking protective procedures to safeguard customers’ property, this possibly hazardous part of the project is meticulously supervised by onsite software delivering weather information.
  6. Shingling the roof, installing gutters and installing siding are done by utilizing the latest technology and techniques. Our well-mannered, well-trained, qualified master specialists perform high quality work, with cost-effectiveness in mind.
  7. Cleanup: We clean & remove all trash our trash… as well as doing magnetic roll your yard to collect any potentially stray debris.
  8. Final Payment and Warranties: After our Field Supervisor evaluates the job to our standards of excellence with owners… we ask for final payment and deliver residence with owner warranty package.