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5 Reasons Why Slate Roofing is Worth the Investment:

  1. Long Life is one of the most appealing aspects of slate roofing, if preserved accurately, slate can last for many many years. Slate roofing has given itself the moniker “The Forever Roof“for the reason that in many cases a slate roof will live longer than the homeowners themselves!  
  2. Slate occurs in a assortment of colors and is constantly beautiful in all its colors. Due to the beautiful nature of slate roofing, numerous historical buildings and classy homes choose slate as their desired roof. Aesthetically speaking there are not many roofing choices that look a good as a slate roof. Not only does slate make a gorgeous looking roof but the raw material itself is sturdy enough that it can be made into many artistically beautiful shapes.  
  3. The Slate roofs is fire impervious. Dissimilar of various roofing materials, slate tiles are absolutely fire-resistant.
  4. Climate resistance is another reason the slate roof is worthy of the investment. They are water-resistant as well as impervious to serious weather and ideal for cooler conditions. Slate roofs can tolerate high winds, heavy snowfall, and heavy rain. Slate is not harmed by fungus and mold nor will it rot. The strengths, as cited above, of slate roofs, are the blight of numerous non-slate roofs.
  5. Along with being vulnerable to many issues… non-slate roofs are much less environmentally welcoming. Even green asphalt shingles must be replaced every 15-20 years. These kinds of shingles are packing up our landfills. Due to the longevity of slate roofing, slate shingles need to be destroyed much less often… thus diminishing the Slate Roof Carbon footprint.

How to Conserve your Slate Roof:

Slate roofing is a valuable asset in the safeguarding of a residence, it is a decent idea to have your slate roof checked once a year to make certain that it will last as long as feasible:

  1. Check for any damaged or absent slate shingles once a year or following any major storms or winter season.
  2. Examine the flashing – sheet metal joints sandwiched between roof – planes once a year or after any major storms or winter seasons
  3. Check the gutters making sure there are no holes. Make sure solder seams are not harmed.



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