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    FREE Estimates for Roof Repairs

    At Chrome Exteriors we are the specialists in roof repair, we offer customers great investment levels, reasonable prices and experienced contractors. Choosing us for your roof repairs will allow you to enjoy a durable roofing system that will last for years.

    • We deliver professional repair on many types of roof systems…
      Consist of :

      • Asphalt Roofs
      • Cedar Shakes Roofs
      • Synthetic/authentic Slate Roofs
      • Flat Membrane Roofing

    When selecting a roofing company to do your roof repair in Maryland… you can rest assured knowing you have chosen a qualified roofing company that pays attention to detail.  Chrome Exteriors offers unmatched customer service, high-quality materials, and skilled installation that will last for many years.

    New Roof and Siding in MD

    Call Today for a Free Estimate

    Each good home improvement plan starts with a financial plan or budget. This is why we welcome you to call us for a free assessment as part of our no-commitment meeting. When it comes to roofing… Chrome Exteriors wants to be your go-to source. 

    Free Estimate in MD
    Free Estimate in MD

    Frequent Roofing Challenges

    Thanks to our extremely competent team of experts, project managers & installers, we can address many roof repairs issues. We are committed to safeguarding any roofing challenge. There are numerous widespread roofing difficulties you may encounter.

    • These may include: :
      • Moisture & Leaks
      • Reduced wind uplift resistance and billowing. Open seams
      • Problems resulting from poor Install or Maintenance
      • Broken, Cracked or Missing Shingles
      • Damaged Flashing
      • Water Damage
      • Puncture Damage
      • Shrinking Damage
      • Splitting, Blistering & Ridging
      • Surface Corrosion

    The choice to repair or change your roof is made simpler realizing you have a roofing professional designed by professionals… that is happy to come out and do an inspection. Often, as in the case of minor leaks or destruction, you only need to repair the present roof. This saves a lot of cash in the long run. By enhancing the life of your roof and staying on top of potential repairs you can keep large problem as small issues. Please consider asking for the help of Chrome Exteriors… We can be your problem solver for cedar shake roofs, slate roofs, flat roofs or metal roofing in Maryland.

    Roofing Contractor in Montgomery County MD

    With its exceptional schools and expanding educational community, Suburban MD has become the closest to the perfect a place to live the exists anywhere. You thoroughly chose your home to offer your family the best of all worlds! Chrome Exterior is soon to be one of the most trusted roofing companies the DMV. We understand the ins and outs of roofing repair, from community aesthetics to building according to code… so you can relax confidently that it will be a stress-free understanding for you from begin to end.

    Montgomery County has some of the finest neighborhoods in the DMV… Homeowners are proud people! At Chrome Exteriors we have the experience and expertise that is unequaled when it comes to roof repair needs.

    • Want the best roof in the neighborhood?
    • We Offer full service commercial roof repair
    • Long lasting roofs built with maximum quality
    • We strive to fulfill our customers roofing requirements

    A Trustworthy Roof Repair Company

    Frederick County comprises the complete diversity of residential housing and several commercial complexes. From townhouses to expansive country house, small shops to corporate offices complexes, Chrome Exteriors has the expertise to do the job right. Whether in the tranquil suburbs or the busy town centers, our crew of experts will safeguard you will be receiving the finest roof, siding, and windows for your requirements. No project is too large or little for our crew of professionals. We offer a full range of roof repair services for  commercial businesses and home improvement needs.

    The benefit of opting for Chrome Exteriors over other roofing firms in Maryland, is that we have roots in the areas we serve in Maryland. We intense commitment to excellence… In our business we believe you only get One Chance to get a First Impression. Our full line of roofing services consists of residential & commercial roofing! We have been part of our communities for all our lives… watching our towns grow from a captivating small town to a thriving destination for residential housing and commercial businesses. Our roots in the region, and participation in its development suggests that we understand the local neighborhood inside and out. We know the construction and environmentally friendly building codes.


    Types of Roof Damage

    There are numerous ways for a roof to become damaged… To often a few roofing issues go undetected until minor challenges develop into… wall and ceiling moisture in the attic, vermin, and more.

    General types of roof damage we can fix include destruction from:

    • Hail
    • Ice Build-up
    • Wind
    • Trees
    • Squirrels
    • Solar panels

    Any of these things can dislocate or harm parts of your roof system… Often necessitating specialized repair services.

    Excellence with Roof Replacements

    Homeowners have several of aspects to think about when it comes to the maintenance of your residence. Whether your dream home is conveniently located along 270 or nestled within Potomac MD… you have made a major investment in your residence and future.

    When it comes time to scrutinize your current roofing system on your business or your family home… Please consider calling the roof replacement specialist at Chrome Exteriors. Just as you chose to live in Montgomery County MD for its access to exceptional schools, jobs, and cultural opportunities, you want to preserve your home with the best that any Maryland roofer has to offer. When looking for roof replacement in Montgomery County please consider partnering with Chrome Exteriors… will take care of your roofing problems.

    Reputable Roofers in Howard County MD

    Whether you would like to improve the gutters system of your new home in rejuvenated Ellicott City MD… or you are constructing from the ground up in a bustling area like Fulton MD. The advantage of partnering with Chrome Exteriors for your business and home roofing needs… is that we have grown-up within the community, and we understand your needs and home ownership aspirations. We appreciate the importance and aesthetics of the neighborhoods, as well as the most widespread roof repair tasks for our local buildings.

    We pride ourselves in offering the high-ranking standard of quality to our customer’s business or residences. We want roof repairs to be rare… Especially after we do your installation.

    • We can manage any roofing associated concern
    • Commercial and Residential roofing of all types
    • We are a Family Owned & Operated Business

    Skilled Local Roofing Contractor

    We love living in Maryland and enjoy witnessing its growth. We understand codes and the construction materials necessary, the building codes, the communities, and we apply all of this expertise and understanding to make certain you get the fundamental best experience possible. No matter what the extent of your roofing concern, we understand how to manage it. We recognize that there are several types of roofs, local homes most commonly require and ensure that we deliver all the material you need when determining what type of roofing   solutions your residence demands.

    Filing a Storm Damage Insurance Claim

    Here at Chrome Exteriors… We know that the insurance claims procedure can be perplexing, particularly for homeowners who have not ever filed a claim before.

    If you want to file a storm damage insurance claim:

    • We will walk you through each step of the course of action and solve any inquiries or anxieties that you may have.
    • We will help you file your essential documents so that you obtain the full allowances for your claim.
    • We have vast understanding working with the highly common insurance providers… such as Allstate, State Farm, and Travelers. Thus, permitting us to take the worry and speculation out of the claims process.

    For more knowledge about why you should trust Chrome Exteriors with your roof repair project in Maryland… Please contact us today.



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