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Installing & Repairing / Flat Roofing in Maryland

For the most cost-effective, skilled installation or repair of a flat roof Please contact Chrome Exteriors… We specialize in Siding and Roofing. we strive to be the favored choice in Montgomery County MD, Frederick County, MD, and elsewhere in Maryland. This is a family & female owned with a dedication to serve our clients using only the best roofing materials while offering exceptional workmanship. Chrome Exteriors is handling every job with a feeling of ownership and pride.

Chrome Exteriors handles every type of flat roofing installation or repair. We also work with asphalt buildup roof (BUR), rubber roofing containing EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), low-slope commercial roofing & heat- UV-resistant TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin). Chrome Exteriors has the skill you can trust for any commercial flat roof or residential flat roof installation or repair.

The Advantages of a Flat Roofing

Advantages and prospective uses of flat roofing include:

  • Comparatively simple & cost-efficient installation and upkeep.
  • Straightforward positioning of solar panels.
  • “Cool” roofing – using white or light-colored covering to redirect sunlight and decrease indoor heat gains.
  • “Green” roofing – adding sod & topsoil to construct a rooftop garden.
  • Years of hassle-free safety from the elements.

With almost 2 decade in the home improvement business decades servicing our neighbors in Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, Bethesda, Rockville, Frederick, Georgetown. Ownership at Chrome Exteriors has earned its reputation for outstanding service and workmanship. 

Please contact us today and ask for a quote on flat roofing on your following commercial roofing project. We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are ready to find a solution for your roofing needs or to simple do an emergency roof repair.

Need a Flat Roofing in Maryland

The Modern Flat Roof Installation Pays Tribute to a Soul of Contemporary Style & Agelessness

flat roof is a very cost-effective roof structure, necessitates less material, and is characteristically stronger than a pitch roof. Flat roofs can be used for several secondary uses, including gardens, storage space, and customized backyard barbeques.

At Chrome Exteriors, our self-sticking flat roof construction systems meets Energy Star conditions for cool roofs. We only utilize the best materials and the highly qualified installation teams for all our flat roof construction designs. This make certain that you will be delighted with your brand-new flat roofing system.

A flat roof design is extremely diverse from your customary roofing style. Flat roofs are usually seen on commercial structures but doesn’t mean that flat roof residences aren’t common as well.

The 1st thing to realize is that the nickname “flat roofs” is sort of a misleading term… as flat roofs are not truly flat. If rain or snow fell on an entirely flat roof… the water would pool and damage the roof quickly. So, flat roofs are designed on a very slight inclination so the water can glide down — commonly ¼ inch per foot of flat roofing. This implies that each horizontal foot you move on flat roofs… you go up or down by ¼ of an inch vertically.

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Styles of Flat Roofs

A flat roof is the most cost-efficient roof shape, as it demands fewer roofing materials and is characteristically stronger than a pitched new roof. There are several varieties of roofing materials offered.

Here are the 3 most popular types of flat roof materials:

  • Built-Up Roof (BUR)

BURs are made utilizing a gravel mix of numerous waterproof roofing materials, oscillated with hot tar, and ballasted with a layer of smooth out river stone. Residential flat roof design continues to develop — some utilizing modern and state-of-the-art materials, for instance fiberglass membranes.

Pros: This is fantastic for opening window scenes and outdoor rooms overlooking a roof area. Plus, gravel is fire-retardant and presents a more reasonably priced flat roof replacement rate than other flat roof possibilities.

Cons: This is one of the heaviest flat roof choices… the joists may need to be reinforced to accommodate to extra weight. A strong odor is present during installation, making it a bit dirtier. It might likewise be tricky to pinpoint the source of a leak. (as gravel can clog gutters)

  • Modified Bitumen Roof (MBR)

Like ice-and-water protection roofing, an MBR is a lightly colored roof rolled with single-ply, showcasing a mineral-based surface. This flat roof feature can be accomplished by using a torch-down system that warms the adhesive as it is unfurled. If this not in your flat roof layout project, a peel-and-stick system is a safe and sound approach that can even be mounted by the homeowners.

Pros: Installation can be done by Homeowners with the peel-and-stick MBR materials. The mineral surface reflects heat… which can save dollars on your power bill. This design of flat roofing is not the costliest… not the cheapest either.

Cons: There are more scrapes & scratches… Investigate the tear-resistant flat roof replacement selections. (If flat roof budging allows) The torch-down system stated above is deemed a fire hazard, making it hazardous for occupied structures.

  • Rubber Membrane Roof (EPDM)

Short for ethylene propylene diene monomer, EPDM roofs are genuine rubber-membrane flat roof selections intended to escape sun damage. This type of flat roof structure can be bonded, ballasted with small-stones, or mechanically fasteners.

Pros: Many EPDM installs are homeowner friendly, as material scuff- and tear-resistant and light weight. Additional bonus is that it’s easy to patch up if your roof has leakage.

Cons: Prices are generally higher than BUR or modified bitumen because of the black material that soak up heat. Light-colored coatings are offered; though, they can add approximately 30% to the new roof cost. A further negative is that this class of roofing is susceptible to ruptures.

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Best Choices for a Flat Roof Replacement

Spray-applied coatings – Seal and safeguard your flat roof layout from water destruction with a spray-utilized coating. It will protect the seams in EPDM new roofs for additional durability. Use is tiresome, but when applied correctly, it enhances your flat roof’s life expectancy.

Modified bitumen – Rolled on make use of a blowtorch that attaches the roofing material, modified bitumen is cost efficient, energy effective, and simple and quickly installed. Installs can be hazardous… nevertheless, necessitating one of our numerous qualified and trained professional team members at Chrome Exteriors.

Built-up roof – Made of tar & gravel, built-up flat roofs (BURs) is one of the very trendy flat roof designs because they’re an economical insulator, resilient with several layers, and largely visually pleasing. The layers make the roof extremely heavy. Nevertheless… If you do not already have a BUR, it’s essential that we discuss including extra roof assistance due to the weight of this class of flat roofing.

EPDM – Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a sort of synthetic rubber roofing created from a blend of recycled substances that is robust, easy to install, and reasonably priced. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is an alternative term for this type of roofing. select spray-applied EPDM roofing to avert the risk of seams tearing away during roof installation.

Metal – Metal roofing like aluminum is exceptional if you are seeking for resilience. Metal Roofs can also last up to 30+ years since the metal reflects the high temperatures from the sun, while keeping energy usage low.

Knowing if You Need a Roof Replacement (Checklist)

Look inside and outside your home, and ask yourself:

  • Do we have missing or broken shingles?
  • Are shingles curling, blistering, or bending?
  • Are shingles curled or shingle tabs cupped?
  • Do you see cracked caulking or flash rust?
  • Do you see any bald spots from missing granules?
  • Do you see oozing water, mold, or water destruction on the wall or ceilings?
  • Do any paint that is bubbling?
  • Do you see any dark stains from airborne algae?
  • Is my roof over 20 years old?
  • Are neighbors replacing or fixing their roofs?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do flat roofs last?

Flat roof choices often last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. The timing of flat roof replacement comes boils down to how much the roof was taken care of…

How often should a flat roof be replaced?

Flat roof options are commonly estimated to last approximately 10 to 25 years, dependent on roof type, correct coating, and regular maintenance. Traditional flat roofs made from felt, or asphalt gives flat roofing a bad name because they habitually must be changed every 10 to 15 years. That is because they are susceptible to leakage and water pooling harm.

Can a flat roof be restored?

Flat roofs are frequently created of rubber, asphalt, metal, or another synthetic material. In reference to how to repair a flat roof, you can use easy-to-apply glue patches if it’s made of rubber & synthetic membranes. For an asphalt roof, you should utilize caulk to restore it or bitumen to reseal it.

Is a flat roof covered by insurance?

Regrettably, there are hardly any carriers that extend home insurance on homes with entirely flat roofing. If they do… they usually demand that the flat roof is fewer than 10 years old.


 Does a new flat roof add value to a residence?

Yes, a new flat roof will usually boost the value of a home by around $12,000 to $15,000… that is practically a 70% return on flat roof investment. Now and then a new flat roof layout can even generate a profit. Appraisers want a roof replacement or flat roof repair be finished as a requirement if a buyer is financing a purchase with an VA or FHA loan.

What is the Finest Material to put on a flat roof?

Frequently deemed as the best flat roof material available… ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is made of a synthetic rubber composite. Rubber roofing, or EPDM, is equally a flexible and useful option for a flat roof installation. This long-enduring flat roof material is created to endure intense weather conditions.

Are rubber flat roofs good?

One of the most highly demanded flat roof replacement choices is a rubber flat roofing. The rubber membrane roof, EPDM for instance, utilizes the highest-quality materials and only necessitates a straightforward installation procedure. Add the advantages of a sturdy and water-resistant roof and fussing about significant damage will be a distant memory.

What are the shortcomings of flat roofs?

Even though there are loads of pros to the installation a residential flat roof… there are some shortcomings too. Roofing materials can be unpredictable in freezing temperatures. There is similarly a greater likelihood a premature flat roof repair or replacement. Many flat roof choices use a low-cost rolled roofing material that occasionally lasts only five years. The largest drawback is absence of drainage, which means frequent maintenance may be essential. Snow, water, debris, and dirt can obstruct drainage, so you want to ensure they get cleaned on a regular basis.


Flat Roofs

What should I understand about replacement of flat roofs?

  • Flat roofs are not actually flat. A flat roof, also called a low-sloping roof, may appear to be completely flat, but it actually has a slight slope of at least ¼ inch per foot. However, unlike other roofing systems, flat roofs don’t effectively drain water off the surface. This means that over time, stagnant water can cause issues for your flat roof.


  • What kind of flat roof do you have? Most flat-roof homeowners typically reside in townhouses, row houses, or condominiums. If you have a porch or garage with a low-sloping roof, you may also require a flat roof. In larger homes, you might find Built-Up Roofing (BUR) systems that consist of bitumen and fabric. Another option is APP Modified Bitumen Roofing systems, which involve an asphalt-coated mat and a bitumen base attached to the roof deck. Lastly, there are SBS Modified Bitumen systems made from synthetic rubber that can potentially help conserve energy.


  • Flat roof replacement is a job for expert roofers. Replacing a flat roof can be more challenging than replacing a sloped roof. Why is that? Well, it’s because flat roofing requires a combination of patience, engineering skills, and the ability to handle hot and demanding work that goes beyond what’s considered normal for roofing jobs. When you find yourself in need of a new flat roof, it’s crucial to have a roofing contractor you can rely on, like Long Roofing®. We take pride in our flat roof replacement work and offer straightforward warranties to back it up.

What are the benefits of a flat roof?

One of the most robust and reasonably priced varieties of roofing available on the market… a residential flat roof extends many advantages for homeowners:

  • Durability – Constructing a flat roof makes use of weather-proof products that survive basic harm for up to 25 years or beyond. The structure of a flat roof layout does not necessitate much care, the roofing materials are created to go on a long time.
  • Access and upkeep – Gain of access to a flat roof is very easy, usually only entails a ladder in a residential location. Commercial structures frequently have entry to the roof from inside the building. The performance essential roof maintenance is very easy, the skill to get up on the roof and check out other exterior concerns is a further benefit.
  • Cost – The costs of flat roof replacement, installation, and coming essential services are the most reasonably priced in comparison to other roofs. Because upkeep is straightforward, pricey flat roof repairs should rarely be required. Installation rates are low simply because supplementary materials like shingles are not necessary.

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