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Roofing Cedar Shake Roofing

Enjoy the look of a natural, rustic look of real wood devoid of any of the annoyances when you get a cedar shake roof installation or repair from Chrome Exteriors. Our cedar shingle roofers will proudly serve homeowners and businesses all over Maryland for decades. We are pleased to offer quality cedar shake shingles from highest-rated roofing styles you can feel confident about. 

Cedar Shake Roof Installation for Businesses & Residential

Many homeowners and businesses have been installing cedar shake roofs in recent times due to their long-lasting, functional benefits combined with a rustic elegance. Visually, a cedar shake roof system has a range that incorporates rustic browns, reds, amber, and golds. Nevertheless, getting a brand-new cedar shake roof has several advantages besides look and styling. Here are the subsequent reasons a cedar shake roof system can help homeowners or businesses:

  • Cedar wood shingles are inherently resilient to weather, corrosion, and pests.
  • Cedar shingles lie down flat, which makes them less vulnerable to storm or wind damage
  • Very energy-friendly
  • Eco-efficient roofing material
  • Wide selection of shingle styles & sizes
  • Less vulnerable to moss growth as opposed to other roofing materials

Trustworthy Cedar Roofing Experts in Maryland

After asphalt shingle roofing, cedar roofing is the most popular type of residential roofing raw material. In addition to adding a charming, countryside look to your home… Cedar also offers exceptional safeguard and resilience!

Types of Cedar Roofs We Install

If you are seeking for robust, appealing shingles to give your home or business’ a fresh look… Cedar Shakes and shingles are a terrific choice. These have been employed for hundreds of years and have demonstrated their durability in all types of environments. They also contain oils that make them instinctively impervious to rot and pests. Cedar shake and cedar shingle sound remarkably similar, so let us go over the variations between them.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofs are cut by hand, instead of being cut by machine. This produces more variation between pieces which can add a more rustic appearance to your home’s appearance. Nevertheless… because these types of shingles are not constantly the same size and shape, it is exceptionally important to have a skilled roofer who recognizes how to correctly install them. If this is not done properly… you may find openings and leakages in your roof. At Chrome Exteriors… we have installer who have installed cedar shake roofs for over 20 years. We will make sure your roof is watertight.

Cedar Shingle Roofing

Cedar cut shingles are factory-made and have less deviation than the cedar shake shingles. Each panel is the same width and size. Cedar Shingles are machine manufactured. Every panel is the same size and width, and they are less costly than cedar shakes. Like cedar shake… cedar shingles are also light in weight, straightforward to maintain, and energy efficient.

Need help determining whether you should use cedar shingles or cedar shake? Call our experienced team at Chrome Exteriors. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cedar Roofs

When making your choice about the type of cedar roofing to suit your requirements… there will be advantages and disadvantages. We have put together a brief list for you:

Advantages of Using Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofs offer many advantages over other types of roofing methods… including:

  • Esthetics – A cedar shake roof can alter the facade of your home and give it a one-of-a-kind countryside property look & feel. Cedar roofs go with most structural design and styles, from a bungalow to old-fashioned. In addition, cedar shake roofing is especially sturdy, and a professionally installed roof can last up to 40 or 60 years, often-times longer.
  • Durability – Your newly installed cedar shake roof may be the last roof you install on your home. Even if you do not anticipate staying in your home for 40 years, installation of a cedar roof can help enhance your estate value, as potential purchasers will recognize they will not have to restore the roof anytime soon.
  • Sturdiness – Different from many other varieties of wood, cedar is pest-impervious, so you do not have to fear about your new roof attracting a horde of insects to your residence. Cedar shake also stands up to sleet, hail and storm damage, something that can bring about devastation with an asphalt roof and something Maryland residences are all too aware of. Some insurance firms even extend discounts on homeowner’s insurance plans for houses with cedar shake roofs.
  • Energy Efficacy – Cedar also makes a nice insulator for your residence and the natural colors that do not soak up the summertime heat like an asphalt roof does.

Disadvantages of Cedar Roofs

  • Drying Issues: Since cedar roofing materials are made from trees… Cedar is more susceptible to drying out. Devoid of appropriate upkeep, your home could be vulnerable to fire damage, fracturing and insect problems.
  • Pricey: Cedar roofing is not the most costly roofing choice, but it is definitely not the cheapest. This is particularly true if you decide to go with cedar shakes, which come with a greater price point.

Upkeep: Since cedar shakes and shingles are created out of wood, they will necessitate additional maintenance and awareness than other types of roofing types.

Cedar Shakes Roofing

We offers a cedar shake style siding in our Cedar product lines. The most practical of polymer shakes and shingles, some cedar utilizes a method which real cedar shake boards are used to transfer their precise surfaces to the cedar shake siding product. This procedure permeates the finishing product with the highly detailed genuine display of natural cedar shake and shingle and cedar shake siding.

The availability of Cedar… and shingle products consist of several classic shake styles. The industry has many designer colors & shades.


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