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How Correct Attic Ventilation Will Help Your Wallet & Your Roof… 

Your attic is a lot more than just a storage area.  The attic is a major element of your overall roofing system. To receive the most out your roof you will need to make sure that your attic has appropriate ventilation.  Not only can appropriate attic ventilation keep your energy costs down… Proper ventilation will assist your roof lasting as long as possible.

Why Ventilation Matters

Correct ventilation establishes that fresh air is capable of finding its way in the attic space and letting stale air to exit the home. This is achieved with the placement of ventilation at the bottom side of the attic space… At the soffits or eaves (intake), and at the top peak(s), or ridge(s), of your attic space (exhaust).  This permits the circulation of air… Which will maintain the attic space having a consistent temperature and humidity level, irrespective of the time of year. For attic ventilation to work efficiently… the ventilation scheme must have a balanced exhaust and intake.

Balanced Ventilation

Balanced ventilation is accomplished when exhaust and intake permit the same amount of air flow, because the natural forces of air pressure create a push & pull effect around your roofing system. Devoid of correct exhaust, warm air cannot flee. Devoid of correct intake, air will only flow across the top of the attic space, leaving stagnant air near the bottom of the attic. Circulation is also constrained when the vents are only one side of the attic space… Akin to the result one gets when only opening windows on one side of the residence on a windy day.

Attic Ventilation Aids in Keep Cooling Costs Down

Because hot air rises… warm air easily makes its way to the attic space. This air will stay there if the attic space is poorly ventilated. On an 89°-day, attic temperature can reach 135° or higher, the air in this unventilated area can work its way into your lower-level living spaces and cause AC units, fans, and other energy utilizing appliances to work harder than necessary. This is not tiny issue when you contemplate that cooling accounts for 6% of total utility costs in the average home. With correct ventilation in your home… Warm air will find its way up and out of the residence instead than remaining confined.

Stop Cold-Weather Condensation

Winter weather can also present a few challenges for attics. As temperatures tumble, the warm, humid air that rises from living areas into an inadequately ventilated attic will condense on colder surfaces. Over time this wetness will build and trigger the roof decking to bend, swell up & break down, thus making it incapable to hold nails firmly and lessen its load capacity. Condensation also generates optimum conditions for mildew and mold development, this will affect allergy subjects and has an adverse influence on indoor air conditions.

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Decreasing the Probability of Ice Dams

During the winter months, heat gets trapped in the attic causing snow on a roof to melt down and slide down toward the gutters and eaves. When snow melts and reaches these cold zones it may refreeze, creating build-up that may dam additional snowmelt, which then freezes. This persistent build-up of ice is called “ice dam.” This is hazardous because water swells when it freezes, this enlargement of pooled water refreezing thus pushing roofing materials away from each other and allow water to penetrate the roofing system. If left unhindered, this penetration can absorb through roof decking, and may even make a path into living areas… damaging paint, marking ceilings, and staining the walls. An accurately ventilated attic area will discharge the heat, remain consistently cool and not permit this destructive freeze to thaw cycle a chance to take a grip.


What Can Be Done?

Have no fear…  Just because your attic is not correctly ventilated does not imply that you are required to change your roof.  Correct ventilation is a straightforward but efficient way to safeguard your investment and your purse. There are air circulation options for all roofs that will thwart your residence from stumble upon any of the above cited issues. To learn which venting solution is best for your family please reach out to a roofing professional and request an inspection. Many roofing professionals will offer to inspect your roof system at no charge.  

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