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Expert Roof Repair in Maryland

When you require quick repairs for your roof Chrome Exteriors is ready to help. In reference to roof repairs we offer both basic repairs and emergency roof repairs. Our customers will never be without the safeguard of having a roof over your head in Maryland.

Our team at Chrome Exteriors offers roofing protection plans during which we can advise and perform any needed repairs to prolong the lifetime of your roof. Ove the years… homeowners and business owners have trusted ownership of Chrome Exteriors for all their roof repair needs because of our truthfulness, cost-effectiveness and dependable service! At Chrome Exteriors we believe you only get one chance at a first impression!

Whether your roof has been hindered by a storm or has suffered normal wear & tear. Most roofs will need a repair at some point in their life cycle. Here’s how you can know it’s time to get a roof repair:

  • Missing or damaged shingles or shingles in your yard.
  • Ceiling leaks in your home or office.
  • Shingles seem worn out or they are buckling or curling.
  • A storm has brought a tree or other heavy debris down on your roof.
  • Your Roof is 20+ years old.

It’s difficult to tell whether your roof requires to be repaired devoid of obtaining a professional examination. At Chrome Exteriors we will come out to fully evaluate your roof and let you know our truthful and professional proposal moving forward.

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Why Work with Chrome Exteriors

From our industry certifications to our advanced warranty options… Chrome Exteriors is a great partner to repair or replace your roof in Maryland. Our team has many years of experience handling roofs just like yours. Our warranty options, materials and competence are just few of the reason people prefer us to restore their roofs.


Types of Roofing in Maryland

Safeguard your house with a durable, skillfully installed roof

Is it time to change your old roof, or the installation of a brand-new roof on brand new construction? In any case… you can rely on Chrome Exteriors to do a durable installation, long-lasting roof to hold your property secure from the elements for many years to come. We utilize only the top-quality roofing materials like asphalt shingles, composite roofing, and high-tech energy cost-effective shingles. But when it comes to selecting the best option, it differs based on factors like your cost, locality, and individual favorites. This is why we are here to support! Our MD roofing experts at Chrome Exteriors have the knowledge with every type of roof available, and we will assist you in finding the ideal option to meet all of your requirements.

Roofing Types in Maryland

Give us a call today at 301-328-2002 or contact us online to schedule your free estimate! We offer top-grade roofing services, as well as roof replacement, installation, and repair throughout Montgomery, Frederick, Howard, and the surrounding Maryland Counties!

Asphalt & Asphalt Fiberglass Roofing

Asphalt shingles are a timeless and widespread roofing material. They are extremely flexible and customizable so you can pick out a color that matches up well your design. You can even have asphalt shingles that mimic other materials like wood and slate! Now… nearly all asphalt shingles are embedded with a fiberglass mat to deliver additional strength, resilience, and tear resistance.

Composite Roofing in Maryland

Seeking for strength and affordability? Composite roofing might be just what you want. Composite shingles are made from a blend of materials chosen for their strength and affordable. Frequently these shingles are constructed from rubber and resin taken from recycled tires. The product is a one-of-a-kind shingle that appears just like slate but at a small percentage of the cost and a much longer life cycle.

Energy-efficient shingles in Maryland

Are you interested in reducing your power bills and improving your home’s energy efficiency? We have access to roofing shingles are as environmentally responsive as they are economically friendly. Rather than absorbing extreme sun rays which cause your AC to perform faster, energy-efficient shingles deflect the sun back into the sky. These high-level shingles reduce your roof’s exterior temperature by as much as 50 degrees. Not only will you notice lower power bills… Your roof will not disintegrate as quickly from UV harm.

Flat Roof Repair Experts in Maryland

Flat roofs and low-slope roofs have come into their own rare trials. For one… they are susceptible to seeping water, which then places the rest of the structure in peril of water harm, floods, and molding. To avert springing a leak it is crucial to hire competent installers to repair, replace or install flat roofing. Our roofing team at Chrome Exteriors utilizes all the proper equipment, methods, and pays attention to element essential for installing a strong, water-resistant flat roofing system. Our flat roofs come in a variety of materials like EPDM rubber roofing, TPO (thermo-polyolefin) roofing, and PVC roofing. If you are uncertain of what roof material opportunity is top choice for your structure, our well-informed staff will be more than delighted to assist your pick!

Rubber Roofing in Maryland

Rubbing roofing systems are on the forefront of new roof systems. It was newly made by engineers seeking to strike the ideal balance for toughness and water-resistance. While established rubber roofing did not have these assets, newly developed rubber membrane roofs (known as EPDM roofing or “ethylene propylene diene monomer roofing”) is as durable and long-lasting as it is waterproof. These benefits make it the ideal choice for both flat roofs and low-slope roofs. In truth, numerous commercial buildings are using rubbing roofing idea!

Work with Maryland’s Leading Roofer

Are you ready for a new roof but unsure when to get underway? Not to worry… We realize that the pure amount of roofing choices offered can be vast. This is why our well-mannered team is pleased to assist you in selecting the ideal roofing for your financial plan and requirements.

Our roofing team works throughout the Greater Baltimore & Washington DC areas, including Montgomery County, Frederick County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County MD, and nearby parts of Maryland. Give us a call at 301-328-2002 today to schedule your free of charge roofing assessment!


Roof Repair in Maryland

Are you in need of roofing repairs for your Maryland residence? Look no further… our team of skilled roofers at Chrome Exteriors is here to assist with all your Maryland roof repair requirements. Thwart damage from hidden leakages or blown off shingles with a quality, reasonably priced MD roofing repair!

Roofing Repair Services Maryland

If you are concerned about the cost of repairing your roof… Our roofing repair services include a free inspection and estimate. So, you understand precisely what you will be spending prior to any work being performed. Our Maryland roofing contractors pride themselves on being reliable, sincere, and straightforward to deal with, so see the Chrome Exteriors difference now by giving us a call.

Roofing Repair Experts in Maryland

No question how challenging the roofing repair job or how suddenly sloped your Maryland roof may be… We are here to support you with our quality roofing local services. Our team of skilled roofers are very well trained and insured so you can have assurance that your Maryland roof replacement is up to anything our DMV weather can being.

Our Maryland roofing repair experts can take care of:

All our Maryland roofing repair services are extended by fully insured roofers. Give us a call… We will show off you how reasonable our pricing is!

Chrome Exteriors for Maryland Roofing Repair

When the time comes to repair your roof… Safeguard you family and call a roofer you can depend on to complete your Maryland roofing repairs right and ahead of deadline. Our team of skilled roofers would be delighted to repair your roof, and even better, our estimating is reasonably priced. Please consider giving us a call, we will offer you with a free estimate for your Maryland roofing repair.

Roofing Repair from Certified Industry Expert in Maryland


With improved training in roofing and storm damage restoration, Chrome Exteriors will deliver full-service assistance for issues of any magnitude or scope.

Maryland Roof Repair

The last thing any homeowner wants to find is a damaged section of their house’s roofing system… Fortunately you do not have to take on the tension and worry of fixing your roof! At Chrome Exteriors… We have the skills, resources, and training required to deal with any size roof repair in Maryland.

There are several distinct signs that you should give our roof repair experts a call to come out and assess harm that has been done to your home’s roofing system, including:

  • Bent, fractured, or lost shingles.
  • Darkness or faded areas on your roofing surface.
  • Buildup of shingle granules in gutters and downspouts.
  • Weakening all around roof items and gaps.
  • Blistering or flaking of paint close to roof line.
  • Water leakages and wetness within the house.

Guaranteed & Timely Service from a Trusted Roof Repair Firm

Our roof repair firm realizes the significance of getting your roof destruction managed swiftly—with negligible stress and at a reasonable price. Starting with a house roofing inspection, we will assess the state and needs of your house, and you can depend on us for experienced roof repair services that will manage complications triggered by:

  • Hail Damage:With the inconsistent climate of Maryland, hail damage is a widespread threat in the summer months. We offer swift, reasonably priced repairs for roofs, skylights, and gutters impacted by hail and harsh weather conditions.
  • Wind Speed Damage:High winds can untie shingles or cause considerable damage to the whole roofing system… We extend comprehensive, professional service for inspection and repair of these storm-ravaged areas of your roofing system.
  • Wood Rot:Triggered by mildews, dampness, and inadequate installation, wood rot in your roof can destabilize the structure of your residence—making it vital to have a specialist manage the condition rapidly.

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Do you require a skilled team to repair your local roof? There is one name that you ought to contact for a trusted roofing firm in Maryland that delivers full-service care and certified solutions— Chrome Exteriors.

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