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Commercial Roofing Services

When it comes to hiring a new team member… companies often look for the applicants with the most hands-on experience. Why should this be any different when you are looking for roofing service provider?

Here at Chrome Exteriors… our team is proud to be part of one of an experienced roofing service provider in the Washington DC Metro Area. If you want what is best for your company… Chrome Exteriors 2 decades of knowledge is at your disposal.

Commercial Roofer Serving Communities Throughout Maryland

For a commercial roofer that can guarantee the finest service and workmanship in Maryland… You can turn to Chrome Exteriors. We will provide exceptional roofing services to commercial establishments throughout Maryland. We are a family owned and operated, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractors in Maryland.

No matter if you require a commercial roofer to replace or to upgrade the current roof on your office structure, hospital, school, church, condominium, apartment complex, or other commercial building, Chrome Exteriors is the commercial roofing contractor of choice in Montgomery County MD, Frederick County MD and beyond. We work with the highly regarded roofing manufacturers in the business…. 

We think part of our role as a commercial roofer is to assist our clients decide on the finest roofing answers… 

Chron Exteriors installs with many kinds of roofing materials, providing our clients a vast assortment to choose from. These materials consist of:

  • Metal roofing (steel, copper, aluminum)
  • Cedar & Cedar Shake
  • Flat & Low-Slope Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Slate & Synthetic Slate
  • And a few more choices

Affordable / Professional Roof Replacement Services 

When we partner with you, we ensure that your company roof will be taken care of in the most qualified approach. By hiring Chrome Exteriors, you will have the reassurance of knowing that our skilled, licensed, and bonded roofing experts will take care of your commercial space with the ultimate respect and support.

If you require a roof replacement in Frederick County and beyond, we are right around the corner. We take satisfaction in building commercial roofs ensuring high quality materials at reasonable prices. We provide a fair price with our roof repair services… In no way do we ever sacrifice quality that we offer our customers.

Our commitment to maintaining education & innovation are first-rate among commercial roofers. This allows us to reliably provide the best roof replacements in the DMV. A perfectly installed roof keeps the undesirable weather away from damaging you home or office. A freshly installed roof by Chrome Exteriors will help your business resilient, energy efficient, and a more dependable structure.

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Commercial Roof Replacement

Roof malfunctions, leaks, old and overlooked issues, or a newly purchased structure that requires upgrades are all occasions because a new roof may well need to be installed. Commercial roof replacement may be required when installing an A/C component, a plumbing upgrade, a new exhaust vent, adding skylights, or addons to enhance a building’s energy efficiency. Dependent on the state of your roof or other necessary work being done… a full or limited roof replacement may be needed.

We realize that a new roof is a considerable expenditure for your business which is the reason we will always work to offer the best economical and smartest answer. We have seen that eventually upkeep attempts will fail, and a new roofing system will be essential for your business structure.

This is the reason we collaborate with you to select the finest answer for your roofing needs. We will make ensure your new roof is skillfully installed and constructed to last a long time.

Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance

By the time you see leakage that has manifested… there is a substantial extent of harm done that has gone unnoticed. You may be shocked to know that several roofing contractors will not repair a commercial roof. They are only seeking large jobs on replacements. They often tell customers that a minor repair needs a roof replacement… This is how they make the greatest amount money.

Roof repairs are a fantastic answer if a full installation or replacement is unnecessary. When commercial roof repair is the best idea… we will collaborate with you to summarize our methodology and supply a timeline to make certain of your expectations are met. With different weather patterns… We hope for the least amount of disruption to your business. We aim to fix the problematic areas to improve the life of your current roofing solution.

Common Commercial Roof Issues:

  • Dripping Water & Ponding Water
  • Open Roofing Seams
  • Punctures to the Roof
  • Extreme Weather Blow Offs
  • Roof Shrinkage
  • Roof Splitting & Ridging
  • Hail & Storm Damage
  • Weathering of the Roof

You would not trust just anybody to do a roof installation on your home… would you? The correct answer is No. Why would it be different when it comes to your company? Select a contractor who knows how to restore a roof and keep your business running at the same time.

  • Safety – Safety is our priority. A trained and skilled roofer must always follow the strictest safety procedures.
  • Quality – We produce each job utilizing our highest quality standards, materials, and procedures.
  • Integrity – Management is well-respected within the roofing industry… because of our commitment to getting the job done with integrity. 
  • Sincerity – With transparent interaction from start to finish… Our objective is complete gratification of each of our customers.
  • Excellence – We offer only the finest products on the market through our strategic alliances within industry leading roofing experts.
  • Passion – Chrome Exteriors is relentlessly working hard. We devote 100% effort… 100% of the time! When it comes to trustworthiness, no one will beat Chrome Exteriors!
  • Understanding – We are a family run roofing business that has serves Maryland. Please consider partnering with us!

Commercial Roofing Services…

Whether your project is big or little… Chrome Exteriors offers several commercial roofing choices and services to keep our commercial customers pleased. 


This includes:

  • Commercial Roof Repairs

Just because you found a potential roofing issue… this doesn’t inevitably mean your whole roof needs to be replaced. occasionally a superior quality roof repair is needed. Our team at Chrome Exteriors will analyze your distinctive case and make the greatest recommendation to fit your requirements. We are thrilled to lend our services to local Maryland businesses in an effort to keep current roofs strong.

  • Commercial Roof Replacement & Installation

A new roof is a large investment for any business. No matter what… Chrome Exteriors will continually encourage for the best cost-effective choice. Aggressive sales methods are not our style. We collaborate with our customers to determine what type of solution will fit your demands. Then… Chrome will ensure the roof is correctly installed and constructed to last a long time.

  • Commercial Roof Maintenance

Just like the other portions of your residence, your roof requires constant TLC. Keeping up with the upkeep will assist you in getting more years out of your roof, with a reduced probability of costly repairs later. We will assist you in creating a list to identify potential small-scale concerns before they turn into huge, costly challenges. Please consider working with the Experts at Chrome Exteriors for you Property Management Services…

  • Roof Coatings

The objective of commercial roof coating is to enhance the overall strength of your roof and boost its life cycle. We spray or roll-on the coating material right on top of your current roofing system. Once the coating is employed, your roofing system will grow to be further tolerant to wear & tear from foot traffic, hail, and other physical harm.

  • TPO Roofing

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin. These types of roofing are prepared from a synthetic, polymer-based material known as single-ply membrane. If tended to correctly… These roofs can last up to 30+ years. Chrome Exteriors can do the installation, repair & replacement of this type of roof.

  • Commercial Flat Roof Repair Experts in MD

Ever pondered why so many commercial structures a have flat roof? Flat roofs offer exceptional protection, superior durability, and marginal maintenance. Give us a call to learn why a flat roof may be the top choice for your home or office.

Annual Inspections

You may not believe a commercial roof requires replacing… but our every-day weather in the DMV can decompose your shingles and roof assembly devoid of you realizing.

Do not let disregard catch up to your company. Let Chrome Exteriors take care of the yearly examinations we can come by for a free first roof evaluation.

A leaking roof or broken shingles on the roof are typically the most obvious signs of roof harm but there could be molding or other dangers waiting underneath that suggest a roof replacement. Our qualified roofers will identify the areas of your roof that require awareness to determine the safest course of action. Any form of destruction to your roof can ruin your walls and drywall of your home or business… With something like this happening… you can expect your business and roofing costs to increase.

Contact us today so we can ensure your commercial roof is in good working shape….

Keep roof drainage free of debris is essential and often overlooked part of regular maintenance. This is one of the most significant flat roof upkeep steps. With neglect it could be the start to an assortment of significant problems requiring costly repairs. If a roof drains become obstructed, water will pond on and around the roof. Ponding water is tremendously problematic as it can soak into flashing seams… freezing and weakening the seams. About 90% of all flat roof leakages arise at the flashings… Unfortunately, these must get repair ASAP.

Commercial Projects We Work On

From multifamily apartment complexes to churches, we offer commercial services to a broad range of customers.

This consist of: 

  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • HOA Properties
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Multifamily Properties
  • Schools

Flat & Pitched Commercial Roofing

Chrome Exteriors has the understanding necessary with an assortment of commercial roof slopes from flat to steep slope roofing. Each roof style demands an individual methodology to the roofing materials chosen. If you got a strong slope or pitched roof or a blend steep slope and flat commercial roofing… Chrome Exteriors can assist you in finding the right materials for your business and within your budget.

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Reliable Commercial Roofing Installation, Replacement & Repairs in Maryland

A commercial roofing design necessitates exactness, awareness to detail, and expertise developed by skill training and firsthand experience. If you are pursuing for a competent commercial roofing firm that you can rely on in Maryland…You have arrived at the right place. Chrome Exteriors delivers complete roofing services for business owners & homeowners… consisting of repair, installation, and much more.

With over 20 years of experience in providing roofing, gutter, and siding services, we will be your best option for the commercial roofing in Frederick & Montgomery Counties and the surrounding areas. We offer trustworthy services, exceptional workmanship, and we concentrate on what works best for your home and business. We want our clients to be completely pleased and for the roof system on your commercial structure to be durable, long-lived, and able to manage whatever the Maryland weather might bring their direction.

Our commercial roofing services include:

  • Roof Installation- Commercial
  • Roof Replacement- Commercial
  • Roof Repair- Commercial
  • Storm Damage Repair- Commercial 

Commercial Roof Replacement & Installation in Montgomery County, MD

Proper installation of a roof on a commercial business is an completely unique from a residential roof installation or replacement. There are different choices available… you are frequently covering a bigger structure. Additionally… The roof may well necessitate a range of additional features to perform properly. It takes a skilled roofer to get the job done correctly… Please consider allowing us to be your roofing partner.

If you want a commercial flat roof replacement, metal roof, commercial shingle roof, or something else… you can depend on Chrome Exteriors. Our commercial roofers will meet up with you to examine your requirements, make suggestions that show good judgment home improvement knowledge. We then will deliver an enhanced installation that will ensure exceptional roofing built for years of usage.

Commercial Roofing Repair in Frederick County MD

Even a small amount of roofing destruction can lead to water invasion, structural destabilizing, and a pile of other expensive obstacles. You need a roofer who arrives on-time and is on the ready to evaluate the damage correctly to deliver accurate explanations. Our crew is highly trained in all types of roofing repair, including storm damages that are commonplace in this area. 

Please consider calling our Maryland Commercial Roof Repair Team if you notice these issues:

  • Roof is missing roofing materials… such as shingles or tile
  • Roof is bending, drooping, or caving
  • Roof repair because of Storm Damage
  • Roof is aging… Showing signs of wear & tear

Commercial Roofing in Frederick County MD & Beyond

Chrome Exteriors concentrates on what your business structure requires: 

  • Dependable Services
  • Experienced Contractors
  • Quality Roofing Materials 

Whether you are considering for total commercial roof replacement, roof installation for a new business structure or storm damage repair… You can always depend on our professional team for unparalleled workmanship! We deliver an exceptional experience from beginning to end.

Call our commercial roofers by dialing 301-328-2002.

Or reach Chrome Exteriors online to schedule commercial roof services any time!

Contact us today if you are a property supervisor or property maintenance manager in need of a commercial roofer in Bethesda, MD; College Park, MD; Gaithersburg, MD; Fredrick, MD; Columbia MD; Potomac, MD; Bowie, MD or elsewhere in the Maryland Area.



Commercial Roofing Services in Maryland

If your Home or Business needs a new Roof… We have a service catered for you: