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Timeless Bay & Bow Windows for Residences Throughout the Area

Bay and bow windows are truly special. They can totally transform a home’s appearance, making it stand out from the rest. Homeowners just love the unique designs of these windows. Chrome Exteriors is a popular choice for installing bay and bow windows because of their excellent service and high-quality products. They have been serving homeowners in D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia for several years, completing 1,000’s of projects successfully. The team at Chrome Exteriors is skilled and experienced, ensuring that every window is installed perfectly for maximum benefits year after year.


Understanding Bay and Bow Windows

Bow and bay windows may seem similar, but they actually have key differences. Bay windows feature three connected panes that jut out from the house in a boxed arrangement. They often include side panels positioned at an angle to the center pane. Homeowners who want a cozy reading nook with a wide view of the outdoors often opt for bay windows.

Bow windows are different from bay windows. They have five or six lites that are connected to create a curved appearance, making them a smart choice for homeowners who want their homes to stand out.


ProVia Windows Are the Best Choice for Your Home

ProVia Windows in Maryland
ProVia Windows in Maryland

If you think bay or bow windows are expensive, think again. Chrome Exteriors offers budget-friendly, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain bay and bow windows from top manufacturer ProVia Windows. These windows come with great curb appeal and features such as durability and minimal maintenance.

  • Enjoy your furniture-grade seat boards, headboards, and side panels for many years of comfort and satisfaction.
  • A system that fights against water getting in is there to keep moisture damage away.
  • Durable vinyl frames that can withstand tough weather conditions and last for many years.
  • You can choose interior laminates that you do not need to paint or stain inside, making maintenance easier.

Contact Chrome Exteriors now to find out more about bay and bow windows. Ask them about the customization choices and warranties available for Sunrise windows, as well as their bow and bay window installations.


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