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How to File a Roof Replacement Insurance Claim

Suspect Damage to your Roof? You Need to Act Fast

Dealing with a hailstorm or other weather-related catastrophe is troubling. You not only have to be concerned about typical property damage, but then again you also run the probability of being pressed to file a roof replacement insurance claim.

Roof claims can be very complicated…  requiring a lot of back and forth amongst insurance adjusters and your roofing contractor. Management at Chrome Exteriors has the years of familiarity to assist you and your family to reach a deal with your insurance companies… With the goal to get a new roof over your heads.

Here is how we recommend you deal with a roof replacement insurance claim after that next big DMV storm.


Evaluate Your Property Damage

Before filing your claim and beginning the process… take a moment to assess the damage the storm has done to your roof.

The outcome of a storm can leave behind a roof which is a hazardous place to be poking around. Let the experts examine the top of your home. Our roofing team members will walk the roof, evaluate the condition, and recommend if there is enough probable damage to reasonably rationalize an insurance claim.

If you are filing an insurance claim after suffering significant roof damage… call (301) 328-2002 to speak with our experts about the smartest way to proceed.

Always Document Prior To Filing Claim

Prior to you file a roof repair insurance claim… take photos of everything that is harmed both inside and outside your residence. Also, pull out any pictures that demonstrate what your property looked like prior to storm damage.

Our roofing expert will help you take pictures of and document any portion of your roof that is possibly compromised. A qualified roofer understands how to identify concealed problems and they will be comprehensive in detailing the magnitude of the destruction.

Assemble Your Roofing Contractor’s Assessment

Approaching your insurance claim… You must know precisely what you’re asking for in these vital negotiations in order to gain a successful outcome. When you have had your roof inspected, your roofing contractor will give you a written estimate describing the destruction of your roof… You will use this information when you file your roof repair insurance claim.

Prior to you file a roof claim, please make sure you have all your documents & written explanation of what is needed to be repaired your roof. (Including Estimated Replacement Cost)

File Your Claim

If you know a storm has triggered significant damage to your roof, and you have done all the prep work with your contractor, your insurance agent can assist you in filing a claim for a roof replacement.

Your agent will assist you in determining how to get your insurance company to reimburse for your new roof. If you delay too long, there is always a chance you will not be able to submit the claim. Some companies enforce restrictions on when claims can be filed subsequent a storm.

When filing a roof replacement insurance claim, always have on hand a copy of your existing homeowner’s insurance policy.

Widespread Issues When Filing a Roof Claim

Regardless of the seriousness of a storm, there are times when the destruction is not enough to justify a roof damage insurance claim. If this is the case, a roof fix is in order. Since you’ll be paying for this service out of pocket, your roofing expert will work directly with you to plan roof repairs at a very competitive expense.

Mismanaging the Insurance Adjuster

Since your insurance agent is the one who gets the claim filed, the insurance adjuster is the one you really need to have open line of communication with! The Adjuster is the one accountable for managing your claim and essentially getting you the money. The Adjuster is the one that is going to “Show You the Money”

Some missteps to avoid with your adjuster:

  • Using apologetic language while reviewing your claim. Even in a storm situation, implying you might have been at fault in any way may possibly seal the deal.
  • Hypothesizing about the incident. Always deal with your adjuster with the facts.
  • Agreeing to the first offer you get…

Trust Chrome Exteriors to Get Your Roof Replaced

The roof replacement experts at Chrome Exteriors have almost 20 years of experience managing roof insurance claims. We are an approved contractor for the top manufacturers and even have access to licensed insurance adjusters. 

If your roof was newly damaged by a weather-related disaster and you believe you might need a roof replacement, contact Chrome Exteriors inspection team. 

We will do a FREE Inspection of your roof

  • We will document the findings
  • We will give you a free estimate 
  • We will help you start your roof insurance claim.


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