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Roof Damage Claims

How do I realize if I have hail or wind destruction to my roof? Can I tell from the ground?

If you have had hail in your town, we can only recognize if the shingles have been damaged by a close examination of the shingles—this examination needs to be made from the roof and must be done by a qualified trained inspector in hail damage assessment. If there is wind damage… you will notice shingles on the ground or missing shingles from the roof but not all damage is completely noticeable from ground level.

My roof looks good! Could there still be damage?

Roof systems need to be inspected by a structural damage inspector to establish if there is genuine hail or wind damage. Hail and wind damage are slight in nature and may not actually cause leaks for many years after the storm. Some would say that granulated loss does not automatically establish damage to the asphalt shingle. Some might say that the shingles are designed endure granule loss, this is only partly true. Nevertheless, shingles that suffer enhanced granular damage due to hail and windstorms are declining in product performance and life. Granulated loss that reveals the asphalt mat of a shingle represents destruction.

What does a hail damage look like?

When hail hit on a shingle it looks like a “contusion” or a dark spot where the granules on the shingle have been knocked away and the asphalt underlayment and occasionally the fiberglass mating is showing. When new hail hits it will have a shiny look since the asphalt has been recently revealed and has not had period to get through to a dull discoloration.

If you are filing an insurance claim after suffering significant roof damage… call (301) 328-2002 to speak with our experts about the smartest way to proceed.

My siding and gutters have been damaged by a storm. Can you assist with this as well?

Yes, of course. We are a full-service home improvement company. We can help with any issues you have that are storm related damage to your roof, siding & gutters.

Why would my insurance company change my siding, gutters or roof?

The reason for of homeowner’s insurance is to shelter homeowners against losses on their property values due to harm that is outside of their control. If you have wing or hail destruction… you have suffered a financial loss. Your initial investment of a 25-year roof… has now been reduced to a 5-10-year effective lifespan. Your insurance company will pay damages for your loss and change your roof, siding or gutters.

Should I get my roof replaced ASAP?

The delicate nature of hail and wind destruction is that it may present no urgent risk to the structural integrity of your roof. Nevertheless, several insurance companies have a “statute of limitations” of how long a wind or hail claim is viable. If you have suffered a loss such as wind or hail harm it is prudent to take care of this problem in a judicious way before it leads to other related challenges. You ought to deal with it now… instead of later when repair cost will cost more.

My insurance company rejected my claim… Am I out of option?

No. We have reversed many rejected claims… We can support you through this reversal process.

When an Insurance Adjuster examines our roof… How do I tell if he knows roofs enough to spot concealed damage?

In the best interest of the homeowner… Have an experienced roofer walk through the assessment process with the insurance adjuster. During this assessment the roofing expert needs to call to the attention of the adjuster any know and assumed future damage.

Do insurance companies cancel policy’s if insurance claims are made?

If your roof has any harm of any kind, you have a LEGITIMATE insurance claim and ought to file with your insurance company. Insurance companies can’t terminate your policy for a disaster associated claim.

If I don’t file my claim… Will my insurance company increase my rates?

After a disaster, insurance companies might increase everyone’s rates. But… by not filing your claim your personal rate of increase is paying for everyone else’s damage claim.


Insurance Claim Assistance in Maryland

Getting assistance repairing your storm damaged roof

We will support you get through the insurance process and returning your home to normal.

Storm damage can trigger roof leakages and water damage inside your residence. If you must file an insurance claim… Chrome Exteriors can work with your insurance adjuster all through the entire claim process. We are a dependable roofing company serving Maryland. We are also extremely knowledgeable in storm damage roof repair in Maryland.

How we can assist during your insurance claim process

  • We will meet with the insurance company to help with the claim process
  • We will provide detailed written estimations for roofing services
  • Recommend roofing materials to assist the prevention of future storm damage
  • Complete all roof repair and replacement work

Restore your home and give yourself a peace of mind

When you work with Chrome Exteriors to repair hail or storm damage, you can imagine a high quality Maryland roofing contractor workmanship and client services. We will meet up at a time that is ideal for you to review work specifications, materials, cost & warranty details. We offer emergency roofing service and will resolve your inquiries and present you with a detail assessment for the roofing work, siding work, or gutter work you require.

Hail Damage Roof Repair in Maryland

When it hails, the desire for roofing repair increases rapidly. Do not be deceived by storm-chasing roofing repair businesses. If you have any concerns with the roofing company after they have left the scene… you will be left holding the bill when they leave!

As an alternative, when hail strikes, trust Chrome Exteriors to take care of your Maryland hail damage repair. We are an Maryland roofing company that offers roofing repair services… And we stand by our work. We believe you only get one chance at a first impression… We always leave a good one!

Hail Damage Roof Repair Services in Maryland

When the weather turns and hail harms your roof, our team of Maryland hail damage professionals are here to set your roof straight with repairs at a reasonable price. Just contact us… And we will support you with a free quote for hail damage repair. We will work with your insurance company by assisting in filing of insurance claims. Chrome Exteriors want to make sure that you are taken care of, and your roof is restored to like-new condition with quality.

Hail Damage Repair for Maryland

Hail damages effects several types of roofing in many ways. Hail damage may include:

  • Hail damage to asphalt roofing. Hail crushes the asphalt shingle, which strikes loose protecting granules. Replacement of these damaged shingles is vital to safeguard a long roof life.
  • Wooden shingles. Wooden shingles crack up under harsh impact. This type of hail damage requires urgent repair.
  • Slate shingles. Slate roofing has a predisposition to crack up or shatter under hail impact. This triggers significant amounts of shingles to fall from the roof.
  • Wind and storm damage. Hailstorms are often be associated with huge thunderstorms with high winds. All shingles are susceptible to the harm and can be ripped free.

No matter the hail damage to your Maryland residence… We can fix it! Our team at Chrome Exteriors are local, totally insured, and work with your insurance companies to safeguard that your house is well taken care of. Please call us in for any hail damage repair… We take care of the rest.


Hail Damage Roof Repair for Suburban Maryland

Hail & Storm Repair

  • Free & thorough assessment of roof for storm and roof hail damage.
  • Examination covers roof shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods, vent stacks, chimney caps & chimneys.
  • Free estimates for all proposed roof repairs.
  • We offer a swift & expert repair / replacement service of storm-damaged roof/properties.


Chrome Exteriors for Hail Damage

When hail damages Maryland homes, the knowledgeable homeowners hire Chrome Exteriors for their emergency roofing demands. Our knowledge and local roots make us the obvious choice for Maryland hail damage repair between Frederick, Baltimore, and Washington DC Metro Areas.

Our team of certified Maryland roofers would be delighted to repair your roof at an affordable price. Give us a call today, and we will offer you with a free valuation for your roofing repair needs.


Emergency Roofer in Maryland

When the weather turns to unpleasant, Chrome Exteriors is here for your emergency roofing needs! In the event you require an emergency roofing repair… Please consider giving us a call. We will recommend you professional roofing repairs on a rigid schedule so that your residence is waterproof and new.


Emergency Roofing in Maryland

Our emergency roofing repairs are not only quick and trustworthy but priced as well! We have precisely the right equipment a Maryland roofing company needs to repair your roof after a bad storm or hail damage. When put together with our simple and clear pricing…

Get your emergency roofing repairs with Chrome Exteriors today by giving us a call…. Or Online Quote.

Maryland Emergency Roofing Services

There are numerous reasons you may require emergency roofing repairs, including:

  • Roofing leakages around roof incursions, usually triggered by faulty flashing
  • Roof wear-and-tear triggering leakages due to old age or strong storms
  • Tree branches and storm debris
  • Hail damage
  • High winds destroying loose shingles
  • Ice blockage and snow build-up

No matter what the cause, if you need Maryland roofing repair work done without delay… we are here to support. Our roofers are qualified, fully insured, and offer free estimates before executing any work so that our pricing is clear (and reasonably priced!).

Partner with Chrome Exteriors for Emergency Roofing Repair in Maryland

When storms strike Maryland homes, prudent homeowners hire Chrome Exteriors for their Maryland emergency roofing requirements. The explanation is simple: our firm is devoted to the ultimate specifications of roofing quality in both our ordinary work as well as our emergency roofing repair.


Common causes of roofing disasters

  • Prolonged upkeep and natural wear & tear
  • Fallen tree branches
  • High gusts of wind tearing off shingles or roof decking
  • Freeze dams and ice accumulation in valleys
  • Incorrect installation practices
  • Flashing malfunctions at roof infiltration’s, around chimneys, exhaust stacks, and dormers


Stuff to remember during a roofing emergency

In the case of a Maryland roofing emergency… Please ensure you remember these three points

  • Don does not go up on the roof yourself: A ravaged roof is a hazardous setting; you should let a roofing specialist be the first to check it out
  • Cover the interior: Utilizing plastic sheeting to safeguard the interior of your home and help thwart leaks
  • Scrutinize the roof visually: From the ground… take a visual assessment of your roof to take notice of wreckage and probable damage

Our team of skilled Maryland emergency roofers would be delighted to repair your roof at a reasonable cost.

Give us a call today, and we will offer you with a free assessment for your roof repair needs.


Get Started with a Free Quote for Roof Repair in Maryland!

Do you require a skilled team to repair your local roof? There is one name that you ought to contact for a trusted roofing firm in Maryland that delivers full-service care and certified solutions— Chrome Exteriors.

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