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Chrome Exteriors has the knowledge and training required to provide high-quality residential roofing answers that you need, on time and on budget.

Our skilled experts will work with you to pinpoint the product that best meets your requirements. Furthermore, you will obtain peace of mind knowing that all the products Chrome Exteriors installed carry manufacturer’s warranty coverage in addition to our workmanship assurances. You can rest assured your selection will keep you worry-free for years to come.

We replace and repair all types of residential roofing structures, including: Asphalt Shingles, Metal Roofing, Membrane Roofing and much more. Below are some useful recommendations to contemplate when making your choices about your residential roofing design.


Expectations of Roofing Replacement?

Select a Material and Budget

We can offer a variety of samples of roofing materials for your contemplation based on your budget and need preferences. Certain frequently chosen materials involve asphalt shingles, which are installed in more that 70% of all residential homes in the United States. Though universal… pricing for this commonly used material may vary. 

We work diligently with our distributors to guarantee you get the best product pricing obtainable for the highest quality materials. With pricing at its best… you can freely choose the products that best fit your demands. We can help you narrow down the various color and style options employing tools such as a virtual home remodeler program, color samples and we also can recommend places where you can see a “real life” view point of your shingle selection or color choice.

Replacing your roof is a key investment for any property. If budget limitations are your concern, we offer a range of different financing products through Financial Partners. You can find further data of the programs we offer through our Financial Partners… We will put you in touch.

The Roofing Replacement Process

Protect your Property
Protect your Property

Our repair and replacement teams continuously take care of your property while at work. Removing a roof is a noisy and messy business, no matter what safeguards are taken. In order to lessen our impact throughout the repair or replacement procedure, we do our finest to safeguard any landscaping, decks and other zones around your home utilizing tarps and additional covers. Nevertheless… it’s always a best practice to move your items as soon as you can, such as deck furniture, grills and other things easily repositioned to safe and sound territory.

Roof Removal
Roof Removal

In order to make certain the best possible outcome for your roof replacement, all previous roofing material must be eliminated. Numerous manufacturers do not permit any warranty coverage for roofing systems installed over old roof surfaces. We take the whole shebang off… down to your wood decking surface

Inspection Of Your Roof
Inspection Of Your Roof

Once the current material has been removed, we must certify the wood decking on which the new roof will be installed is unharmed. Any zones where the wood has been compromised must be removed & replaced. This safeguards the integrity of your roof system by delivering a smooth exterior for the shingles to laid on and self-adhere. This guarantees the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and permits a total sound configuration to shield your home.

Humidity Barriers & Roofing underlayment are Installed
Humidity Barriers & Roofing underlayment are Installed

Over the sound deck, underlayment is mounted. This product can differ based on the style and brand of shingles you have selected. Some manufacturers need the use of an underlayment from their brand, which differs based on the type of shingles you have selected. Furthermore, the underlayment, a humid barrier is installed, also dubbed “ice & water shield”, to safeguard eaves and other areas from harm. Once this is completed, the shingles are ready to be installed on your roof.

New Roof Installation
New Roof Installation

Shingles start with a first course, well-known as the “starter strips”. These are always mounted first, to steer the installation of the remaining shingles. Shingles are fitted from the bottom up, finishing with the installation of specifically designed ridge cap shingles, to finish off the system. Several dwellings also have ventilation installed, such as ridge vents, soffit vents and eave vents. These are needed to allow your home to “breathe” appropriately.

The Finishing Touches
The Finishing Touches

Often homes have supplementary components installed, such as drip edge, chimney caps, gutters or other items. Chrome Exteriors will safeguard your roof system is completed and all items installed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Your Property Is Cleaned
Your Property Is Cleaned

Each day… your homesite is left tidy & weather tight. When the job is completed, we sweep your property to catch those stray nails & caps.

Roof Installations for Local Homeowners

Is the roof resting on your residence revealing signs of fatigue? Is the roof getting old and not up to your standards? Your roofing system not only influences curb appeal of your home… but it also protects your home from unforgiving UV rays, intense winds, hammering rain, and all else nature is ready to bring. Contemplating this… having a tough and dependable roof will significantly influence the total health of your residence.

Chrome Exteriors offers new roof installation services for commercial and residential properties throughout the Montgomery County MD & Suburban MD. With our experienced and factory-qualified experts on the job, without a doubt your home will be armed with a new roofing system that will serve as the shielding barrier that your family and home deserve.

Our Roofing Materials

With every brand-new roof installation… We present a wide range of materials, such as asphalt shingles and aluminum, copper, and steel metal roofing. We also do installations of flat or low-slope EPDM roofing that is waterproof and energy efficient.

  • Asphalt Shingle
  • Designer Architectural Asphalt Shingle
  • Luxury Architectural Asphalt Shingle
  • Standing Seam Metal
  • EPDM
  • TPO

With so many options to choose from… there is no question that you will be able to discover a roofing material that pairs well the design of your residence and your taste. We can also offer added elements, as well as attic ventilationskylights, and seamless gutters with any new roofing installation.


Quality Roof Installation for Bethesda MD Homeowners

If your Bethesda home needs a brand-new roof, then call to the professionals at Chrome Exteriors. We conduct all our roof installations with top-notch products and competent workmanship. This way you can rest assured knowing your Bethesda home will get done right.

Trusted Roof Installation

To begin the roof install process… one of our professionals will call & visit your residence, they will assess your roof, and recommend next steps. They will also talk about your available roofing materials, designs, and budget. At Chrome Exteriors… we recognize that a new roof is a large investment. Consequently, we only work with trustworthy producers.

Roofing Materials

When you take on a roof installation plan, selecting the right materials is capable of make all the difference in the world for your end result. We have a broad selection of roofing materials so your brand-new roof will not only add to the look of your home, but also accomplish the style you are aiming for – whether you are leaning towards a Farmhouse style or a Mediterranean look and feel for your residence.

Our options consist of:

  • Aluminum
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Copper
  • Steel

In addition to the wide-ranging assortment of roofing styles we offer, we also offer various extra roofing features that can be installed with any roofing system:

  • Custom Vents
  • Attic Fans
  • Skylights

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If your Bethesda MD residence needs a brand-new roof… then give Chrome Exteriors a call. We look ahead to collaborating with you and achieving the flawlessly roof installation that you and your family deserve.


Roofing Contractor Frederick MD

The Best Roof Repair in Frederick MD and Surrounding Areas

Chrome Exteriors. is one of the best local roofing companies in Frederick MD. As a family owned and operated company, we take pleasure in installing high-value and trustworthy roofs in Maryland. Our residential and commercial roofing teams provide the perfect roof installation using the best quality roofing system available.

Our roofers deliver the best roof installation, roof leak fixes, roof leak repair, roof replacements, gutters installs, siding installation and other home improvement solutions around Frederick County, MD, and Montgomery County, MD!


Residential & Commercial Roofing Experts in Maryland

Long Lasting Roof Installs

We install high-quality residential roofs that will save you big bucks over the years of this roof installation, this roof repair, roof replacement, and roofing upkeep. Not only will our roofs add reselling profit to your home… it will last many years and save on potential maintenance difficulties.

Installing A New Roof Saves You Money on Minor Repairs

Are you tired of frequently having to pay somebody to come out and repair your roof every time there is a dilemma? A new roof install will resolve all of this and save you cash in the long run.

The Cost-Efficient Solutions

An energy efficient answer only works with a proper installation of your new roof. With years of understanding in commercial & residential roofing… Chrome Exteriors will boost your energy savings devoid of killing your bank account.

We Will Find Any Concealed Issues During Inspections

Are you purchasing a new home? Securing an examination by roofing contractors will reveal any unknown issues that otherwise might be missed triggering more problems down the road.

Providing Guarantees, Warranties & Discounts Near Frederick County MD & Montgomery County MD

We deliver the top warranties and price cuts at Chrome Exteriors. We extend discounts to military personnel as well as senior citizens. Homeowners have the option for our extensive warranty on many of our products which includes labor warranty when you choose Chrome Exteriors. as your roofer’s contractor.


Roofing in Frederick & Montgomery Counties in Maryland

Our residential roofing experience and our high-quality materials come together to safeguard that you get the ideal commercial or residential roofing installation. We offer roof installation with asphalt shingles, cedar planks, copper, and slate to give your roof the appearance you have been longing for.

A new roof gives many advantages including improved energy efficiency, improved curb appeal, and elevated resale value for your home. Contact us for a new roof system in Frederick County MD, Montgomery County MD. We also service Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County & Howard County MD.

A new roof is far more efficient at limiting heat gain rather than absorbing heat. What does that mean for you? It means when Chrome Exteriors in Frederick MD will install a brand-new roof or your house… the house reflects heat during the summer months… making your residence cooler. This is because an experienced professional installed your new roofing system.

A new roof also improves a residences curb appeal. Matching a recent study that 80% of people agree that a new roof promptly made a neighborhood residence appear better. Because a roof on most residences can be viewed from the road, having misplaced shingles, gaps, and aged roofs will diminish a house’s curb appeal. Residential roof replacements are the best, extremely effective way to improve the look of a residence for better curb appeal.

Choosing the right design and color to balance your residence also goes a long way with your house’s curb appeal… This is what our residential roofing local services do. Our years of knowledge and skilled team can assist in choosing the right material and color to immediately enhance the way potential buyers & neighbors look at your home. A brand-new roof could improve your resale value up to $20,000… Thus, giving you an additional bargaining chip throughout the sales process.

Commercial Roof Replacements & Residential Roof Replacements in Frederick County MD & Montgomery County MD

A total roof replacement is one of the finest options you can do to increase your home comfort & value. If you are a business owner, a commercial roof replacement can lessen some of your heating and cooling costs. A residential roof replacement will boost your property value, enhancement the appearance of the home, and delivers an improved energy efficiency solution the  extreme summers and winters we have here in the DMV.

Plan a free discussion today with one of our knowledgeable Roofing Team Members and find out how a brand-new roof from Chrome Exteriors can benefit home or business!


Luxury Shingles & Designer Roof Systems

What makes luxury & designer shingle roofs different?

  • Incredible aesthetics. Luxury and designer roofing shingles are specifically designed to imitate the appearance of slate and cedar shake roofs. Although these types of shingles are pricier compared to regular asphalt shingles, they offer a multi-dimensional texture and a wide array of colors and shades that create shadows and depth, giving them an authentic slate or shake-like look. The unique features of luxury and designer shingles, such as their sculpted edges, staggered lines, and high-definition appearance, give your home a distinctive aesthetic that will endure for many years to come.


  • Style complemented by excellence and intensity. At Chrome Exteriors, they utilize top-notch roofing shingles crafted from the finest materials available in the industry. These luxury and designer shingles have a unique dual-layered construction, providing exceptional protection against algae, fire, and wind.


  • Crown on top of your roof system. Your roof is not just made up of shingles. It consists of various components that work together to create a strong and durable structure. It all starts with a solid wooden deck, which provides a sturdy foundation. On top of that, there are layers of underlayment that are designed to resist or repel water, ensuring that your roof stays protected from leaks.


  • Additionally, there are other essential elements such as drip edge, eave protection, flashing, and attic ventilation, all of which play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of your roof. By investing in high-quality luxury or designer roofing shingles, you not only enhance the appearance of your home but also ensure the safety and security of your entire family.


At Chrome Exteriors… Our focus is to establish trust and provide peace of mind to our clients.

Luxury or designer shingle roofs can make your home stand out, demonstrating to everyone that you value a visually appealing home and high-quality materials… It is often called “curb appeal.” At Chrome Exteriors, we recognize the importance of creating a secure and beautiful living space… our partnership has more than 20 years of experience in the home improvement business.

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