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History of Roofing Materials and Methods

From the earliest roofing constructions, through a long voyage of roofing development and growth, and landing at the contemporary sustainable roofing systems in the present-day roofing industry we use today. the chronicle of roofing has been an intriguing and impressive narrative.

History of Roofing

The story of roofing has been a lengthy and intriguing ride. How we reached the present roofing industry involved many steps and findings through human record, beginning with the original roofing erections, leading to the roofing advancements and developments in more current periods. Lastly coming to contemporary sustainable roofing methods that drive the present roofing industry today. Look back in time at the advancement of roofing styles, the styles, and the roofing past that brought us to today.

Earliest Roofing Structures

Since the dawn of time… there have always been roofs. Although they were primitive and made of mud. One factor has lingered throughout the times: the roofing style of the moment varied by the obtainable resources. From plants and earth to clay or straw… roofing was a essential for both sanctuary and to safeguard from rain and other elements. Early sanctuaries made of earth, for instance, were insulated yet did not keep out the bugs or water leakage. Various roofing materials were utilized and trialed to find out which worked best. People found early that multiple layers of varied materials offered the best waterproof impediments. Layering clay, earth, straw or sticks over one another served well as a good roof.

Some cultures-built houses out of snow… thus providing temporary shelter with sufficient insulation to live at exceptionally low temperatures. Instead, then having a distinct roof structure, these dwellings were built with a parabolic dome structure which supported itself by becoming more condensed over time. Even though they had less modern building materials… the fundamental design of the “home made of snow” into a dependable roofing system.

The most primitive roofing structures offered basic shelter from the weather, wind, and sunlight, and sometimes snow and rain. Though they were typically short of a perfect weatherproof seal or insulation. This initial step in roofing has started a journey of many different roofing styles. This journey has given us the opportunity for continue improvement of our roofing systems and the further development of the modern sustainable roofing platforms of today.

Roofing Development and Progress

The Clay roof first made their first appearance in China more than 5,000 years ago, while there is confirmation that Rome saw the 1st clay tiles back in 100 BC. Thatched roofs grow to be popular in 700 AD, with wood shingles arriving not long after that. There was one dilemma… with thatched roofs: they often fall prey to fire. That is why King John in 12th century London banned thatched roofs and ordered clay tiles as an alternative. Roofing development and progress had increased from not only safeguarding people from the common outside elements and temperatures… but also offering a degree of safety versus the dangers of natural and unnatural tragedies including fire & lightning. The usage of electrical energy in homes made protection against lightning even more paramount. As bolts of lightning may break several costly things within the home.

Not till the 19th century did mass production of clay roofing supplies begin. The concrete tiles arrived about 100 years later. The usage of coloring was included in to complement the homes that they topped. The late 1800s also realized the widespread usage of asphalt shingles, which is still the most common shingle today due to their cost effectiveness, ease of installation and ready accessibility. Today, nearly 70 percent of U.S. roofs are asphalt shingles… according to the History of Roofing. In the last two hundred years we have seen the most impressive modifications in roof materials and practices. Homeowners’ usage in different regions can fluctuate depending on what is most plentiful and priced. Concrete tiles can last up to 50 years, provide excellent fire protection, and require minimal upkeep…

Sustainable Modern Roofing Practices

Green roofing has certainly surfaced in the last two decades as a viable style to the roofing industry, with high tech innovations in glass works, polymer and smog-absorbing tiles come to be extremely popular. White roofing and solar panels are increasing in high regard as increased homeowners try to utilize the power of nature to reduce their residence heating and cooling expenses. This shift towards improved energy savings will prove to give more Eco-friendly roofing alternatives in the years to come.

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