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Experience the Excellence of a CertainTeed Roof…

At Chrome Exteriors LLC, we pride ourselves on offering top-level roofing solutions that deliver high quality, strength, and great curb appeal. That is why we have partnered with CertainTeed… a true leader in the roofing industry! Offer an unparalleled collection of CertainTeed roofing products. Whether you are contemplating a new roof installation or planning an update of an existing roof. Our vast selection of CertainTeed roofing shingles is engineered to meet & exceed homeowner’s desires and requirements.

Why Select CertainTeed Roofing Shingles?

Superior Durability and Quality

CertainTeed roofing products stand out for their remarkable durability and quality. Engineered to tolerate ruthless weather conditions… CertainTeed shingles safeguards that your residence stays secure and continues looking wonderful year for years to come. With CertainTeed… you are not just installing a roofing system you are investing in your home.


Aesthetic Attractiveness

CertainTeed delivers a sizable selection of shingle colors and styles… permitting you to select the perfect match for your home’s architectural stylishness. From contemporary to traditional designs, A CertainTeed roofing system will always boost your residences curb appeal while also increasing home values.


Low Maintenance

One of the main benefits of choosing a CertainTeed roofing system is a low-maintenance obligation. CertainTeed shingles are engineered to resist algae growth, marking, and discoloration… Also safeguarding that your new roof preserves its attractiveness with marginal effort.


Environmentally Welcoming Options

CertainTeed is obliged to sustainability, delivering environmentally friendly roofing choices that deliver energy effectiveness and eco-friendly conservation. By partnering with CertainTeed, you are making a choice that will benefit your residence and our planet.

CertainTeed Roofing Experts

At Chrome Exteriors LLC, we have a vast understanding of installing, repairing, and maintaining CertainTeed Roofing Systems. Our skilled team of certified experts are equipped with the expertise and expertise to safeguard your CertainTeed roofing system is completed to the maximum of current standards. We recognize the magnitude of a dependable roof… We are committed to producing results that exceed any homeowners’ expectations.


Why Choose Chrome Exteriors for Your CertainTeed Roofing Contractor

CertainTeed offers 1st Class Warranties

You will have peace of mind from a Chrome Exteriors roof installation…  And CertainTeed warranties, which occur standard with a workmanship warranty of up to 25 years… Please ask for this great benefit to be explained in detail.

Financing & Payment Plans

Chrome Exteriors offers the ability to finance with flexible payment plans that are available through our network of leaders… Our lender partners will find a way to work within your monthly budget. If needed… Please consider financing your next roof installation or home improvement project.


Free Estimates

We offer a complimentary in-home consultation to assess whether your roof requires repairs or a complete replacement.


We are Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Our roofing contractors strive to ensure your full satisfaction and protection at all times. Our ultimate aim is to deliver top-notch service that leaves our customers completely happy.



Chrome Exteriors LLC – Your Trusted Local CertainTeed Roofing Contractor

Our team of expert roofers provides roofing installation and roof repair services in Maryland.

Chrome Exteriors LLC – Family Owned & Operated in Maryland

From a family tradition of craftsmen, locally raised and born Owner/Operator, Robert Bialas and his crew will partner with you to strategy to ensure a safe home for your family… While offering great curb appeal. We supervise all aspects of work to be completed… Always delivering honesty, trustworthiness, valued results that adds worth to your home or business. The Chrome Exteriors team of professionals are committed to delivering exceptional final products to our customers.


Our team is polite and will always show respect for your home and family. We pay close attention to detail to ensure that our work is of high quality and safe. 

At Chrome Exteriors LLC, every member of our team values your time and will arrive at your property promptly and prepared to work. We are committed to delivering top-notch craftsmanship and a valuable experience that exceeds its cost.

Approved CertainTeed Installer– Maryland Metro Areas

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