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What is … Integrity Roof System

Common Roofing Misconceptions: Roof Systems Designs

Many people think of their roof as simply shingles, but it is not that easy. A roof is a system made of numerous products – roof shingles, roofing underlayment’s, ventilation, and much more – that is orchestrated to work together. A skillfully installed roofing system, which is made with high-value products, goes a long way in boosting a roof’s performance and durability.

The advantages of utilizing a single-source manufacturer for your roofing system

Some roof contractors install roof systems by combining roofing products from several different manufacturers. This may not look like a bad notion… but all roofing manufacturers do not create their products the constant manor or way.

Because a roofing system is vitally essential to safeguarding your house and belongings, its good judgment to make use of elements from the same manufacturer that are engineered to work in tandem. A single-source roofing system also increases the possibility of manufacturer-backed lengthy warranties on both the materials and the installing workmanship… The is something a mixed system may not offer. If something would go wrong with your roof… You are not ‘stuck in the middle’ as different manufacturers discuss over which product in the system triggered the problem. 

Understand CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System®

CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System (IRS) is a fantastic possibility that delivers complete protection with products intended to work flawlessly together and is supported by CertainTeed’s SureStart™ Warranty, which can cover 100 percent of the labor and material costs to repair or replace malfunctioning shingles.

Waterproof Underlayment
CertainTeed’s WinterGuard® stops leaks from wind-driven rain & ice dams in susceptible areas.

Water-Resistant UnderlaymentDiamondDeck® or RoofRunner™ are high-performance underlayment’s that deliver a shielding water-resistant layer over the roof deck and serves as a secondary barrier against leaks.

Starter Shingles
SwiftStart®, High-Performance™ Starter or Presidential® Starter shingles are installed all along the edges of the roof beneath CertainTeed shingles for extreme safeguard from moisture penetration and destruction from wind.

Asphalt Roof Shingles
CertainTeed shingles are obtainable in a wide array of designs and colors to suit any budget. Every shingle is made with premium raw materials utilizing CertainTeed’s world-class manufacturing processes and is covered by the strongest manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

Hip and Ridge Caps
Also identified as ‘accessory shingles,’ these specialty shingles are constructed for use at the hips and ridges of the roofing system. They are color matching the primary shingles and give the roof a completed, polished look. Possibilities include Shadow Ridge®, CedarCrest®, Mountain Ridge®, and Shangle Ridge® shingles.

Roof Ventilation
A roofing system with balanced exhaust and intake ventilation lets an attic area ‘breath,’ which increases the life expectancy of your roof system materials. The Integrity Roof System blends CertainTeed® Ridge Vent with CertainTeed Intake Vent or soffit vent products for a straightforward, extremely efficient ventilation system.


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Roofing Shingles Are Not All Created the Same

Thanks to innovations in building sciences, there are roofing shingles planned to face unique weather extremes. For example, if hailstorms are an issue… We may recommend rubberized shingles that are constructed to endure effects from hail (and may be eligible for insurance premium rebates). There are similarly cool roof shingles with granules that reflect the heat of the sun, which helps lessen a home’s cooling expenses. Be sure to select a product that is perfect for the climate where you reside.

All Roofs Should to Be Checked

Whether your roof is old or new, a trained roofing specialist should at least annually examine it – even in the initial years of the roof’s lifespan – to avoid challenges from manifesting. Falling limbs and flying debris can harm a roof system, roof parts can fail, and obstructed gutters can lead to moisture penetration that may cause mold development and rot. To preserve the life of your roof, hire an experienced roofing contractor to execute regular examinations, particularly following a heavy storm. Ask about some affordable Maryland roof replacements tips and ideas to prolong a roofs life.


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